Streets Run with Blood as Muslims Sacrifice Animals in the Feast of Eid

The recently concluded Islamic Festival of Eid was a disaster in Bangladesh.  For those who are not familiar with this, it involves the slaughter of animals.  Many of those in the West might have a problem with this practice just from the standpoint of cruelty to animals. But this one went a lot further.  Put simply,

The streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh have turned into ‘rivers of blood’ after floodwaters absorbed the bloody effluent from animal sacrifices marking the Islamic celebration of Eid al-Adha.

Thousands of sheep, goats and cows are slaughtered as part of the annual Muslim holiday marking the end of Dhu al-Hiijah and their meat is traditionally distributed to the poor. However, heavy rain on Tuesday, combined with the city’s poor drainage, has resulted in highly unsanitary conditions.

Take a look at this mess, and tell us that this isn’t a health disaster waiting to happen.

What are these people doing?

Citizens have criticized the clean-up efforts of the two city corporations. The agencies in turn accuse residents of using areas close to their homes for sacrifices instead of the locations designated for the religious activity.

Little comfort there.

And this is what some of our leftest politicians want to import into America?

Wait a minute.  The last time we checked, PETA is a liberal organization dedicated to their idea of treating animals according to their code of ethics.

Hello? PETA? What would be your reaction to people conducting these ritualistic sacrifices of animals in America?

Source:  RT



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