Strange Report: Truck Carrying Illegals Attempt To Storm Naval Base

Believe it or not, this is far from the first time immigrants have tried to force their way into the facility. At least one other incident of a vehicle carrying illegals intruding on the base's grounds has been reported within the past few years, resulting in the death of several aliens. Is this part of a larger pattern, or just a coincidence?

“This is not the first time illegal aliens have attempted to illegally enter the South Texas Naval Air training base. Just over three years ago, KIII reported an incident where another truck loaded with illegal aliens made the same type of illegal entry. In this case; however, the local television station reported that 6 of the illegal aliens were killed because of the high rate of speed at which the GMC Sierra pickup was being driven.

In the earlier incident, it appears the truck was being pursued by Kingsville police. It was estimated they crashed into the barrier at about 70 miles per hour, the San Antonio Express-Newsreported at the time. The San Antonio paper reported that a seventh person died in that incident.

‘Our gate guard did exactly what he was supposed to do. He stepped out to observe the vehicle coming in and greeted the vehicle as he normally would, but the vehicle did not stop,' NAS Public Information Officer Jon Gagne told KIII in 2013. ‘It went through there at a high rate of speed. He notified the inside front gate and our barrier was deployed.'

In the 2013 incident, 10 passengers were crammed into the extended truck cab while five others were in the bed of the truck.”

Source: Breitbart



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