The Stop Guards Created to Prevent Second American Revolution

The Stop Guards Created to Prevent Second American Revolution

There are many who are wondering… what will the next ten years bring? The world elites are angry and spiteful that the English commoners have taken their country back, even more so because when the financial titans warned of an English economic collapse, stocks dipped, then came right back up. Although English working class citizens may think they have won, and in a similar vein, Donald Trump supporters may think that they have overthrown the Republican elites, the fact is that government has, for many years, been putting into place stop-guards that will prevent the public from taking back the power and control from government bureaucrats and their many divisions, overseers, and agencies.

And a new American revolution may not coming any time soon, because the ability to gather and unite has slowly been eclipsed by technology and technique. The situation is dire, and we need to engage the populace, because the solution is in the people, massing to reject that control.

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