Stone: Trump was ‘Toying’ with Romney in Order to ‘Torture’ Him

Stone: Trump was ‘Toying’ with Romney in Order to ‘Torture’ Him

Many politicans on the right, who opposed Trump before the election, are now singing a different tune. For example, Mitt Romney, who ran for president in 2012 has been more than vocal about his disdain for Trump, calling him a “phony” and a “fraud.” However, since Trump won, Romney has contradicted his previous comments by saying Trump might be “the very man that could lead us to a better future.” He even had dinner with Trump back in November.

Now, rumor has it that Trump has interviewed Romney for the position of secretary of state, a position that Rex Tillerson is reported to be a favorite for. So why did Trump interview Romney? Back in 2012 both Trump and Ryan had some interesting and perhaps relevant stances when it comes to foreign policy. And nobody will deny that a former presidential candidate is probably better suited for the job of Secretary of State than somebody who runs an oil company, especially considering the fact that the Middle East, where we are constantly at war is full of oil.

Again, why did Trump interview Romney for the job if Romney opposed him so much?

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