Report: Bill Clinton Sold U.S. Military Secrets to China for Campaign Cash

To take actions that knowingly endanger the lives of your countrymen in return for cash is about the worst thing a president can do. It goes against the oath of office, and is a criminal act to the core.  It truly is treason.

We've focused on Hillary lately since as a serious contender for the office of president, she is rightly placed under the microscope. But looking at how Bill functioned as president is useful as it establishes a pattern than any reasonable observer would suspect Hillary to follow as well.

What is the pattern of corruption that Bill established?

We start with a piece from CNN written in 1999 which stated that,

’ The article reveals that China has been stealing the most sensitive nuclear secrets for several decades and despite high-level knowledge of the thefts, security at U.S. nuclear labs still “does not meet even minimal standards.” The CNN article goes on to state that President Clinton had known since 1995 and yet little was done about it.

What was the impact of Mr. Clinton's allowing this espionage to continue? Stone goes on,

… to state that President Clinton had known since 1995 and yet little was done about it. In April 1998 Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-California) disclosed detailed information that U.S. aerospace companies had helped China improve its strategic nuclear missiles as part of a major ICBM modernization effort. The named companies were listed as Loral Space & Communications Ltd., Hughes Electronics, and Motorola as supplying the Chinese with space launch technology which China used to improve its nuclear missiles.

And what did Clinton get out of this?  Let's just take a look at how Lorel benefited, China benefited, Clinton benefited, and the American people were sold out as their lives were made more dangerous:

The chairman of Loral Space &Communications was a heavy financial donor to Bill Clinton and the Democratic Party in general. His name is Bernard Schwartz and in a six-year period between 1992 and 1998, he donated over $1.1 million to Clinton and the party. To show his appreciation, President Clinton allowed Schwartz to travel to China with U.S. Commerce Secretary Ron Brown. Clinton loosened export controls which enabled Schwartz to purchase Chinese booster rockets for use in launching Loral’s satellites. The relaxing of controls was a two-way street and gave the Chinese an avenue with which to import hi-tech materials from Loral and other U.S. corporations that dealt in sophisticated electronics.

The story is much the same with Hughes and Motorola. Did Clinton really benefit from his dealing in missile technology and secrets with the Chinese?  Stone continues:

Why did President Clinton allow this? Well, it was determined that the Chinese were secretly funneling large donations to the Clinton campaign. Federal investigators found that China Aerospace Corporation had given $300,000 to Democratic fundraiser Johnny Chung for Clinton’s election.

Finally, Stone concludes that,

President Bill Clinton did more to damage U.S. national security than anyone else in American history. He is a traitor to our interests and he is guilty of espionage. He should have been arrested, impeached and convicted. The question is, how did this story escape mass media attention?

And this country is seriously considering putting another Clinton in the White House?

Source:  Lew Rockwell

Photo: Cubanexilequarter



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