The Stingray: How Local Police Listen To Your Cell Phone Calls

These devices are not only being used across the Bay area, but according to the ACLU, the following agencies in California either have a Stingray or have received funding to acquire one:>Alameda County District Attorney’s Office, Fremont Police Department, Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, Oakland Police Department, Sacramento Sheriff’s Department, San Diego Police Department, San Francisco Police Department, San José Police Department.

The ACLU sent out public records requests to 36 state and local Florida law enforcement agencies after discovering that Tallahassee Police Department argued in court to permanently seal court records discussing its Stingray use.  The police dept. in Sunrise, FL has already acknowledged having a Stringray.

¨…Florida Department of Law Enforcement (the state police) released heavily redacted records revealing that the agency has spent more than $3 million on Stingrays, that it has signedagreementswith a number of local and regional law enforcement agencies allowing them to use the FDLE’s devices, and that it has asked local agencies to sign non-disclosure agreements,¨according to one ACLU report.

We don´t know how many local and state law enforcement agencies across the country actually have these devices because their use is completely unregulated and agencies have remained very secretive .

Photo: US Patent Application Office



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