Statistics Back Trump’s Assertion That Illegals are Committing Voter Fraud in California

While it is not a new charge of impropriety, the GOP’s assertion that the Democrat Party has been committing voter fraud through registration of illegal aliens and ballot harvesting continues to be a main sticking point in the call for Voter ID laws that would help to stop this unlawful activity.

Yet, it is the very thing that has produced scandal, not for the Democrats, but for the Republicans. In recent elections, Dan Bishop in the 9th Congressional District of North Carolina defeated Democrat Dan McCready after a special election was called because of an accusation of voter fraud in that district. The previous Republican to hold the seat was Mark Harris, but the charge of “ballot harvesting” brought his term to a halt.

In response, the Fake News media went into overdrive, making a huge deal of the practice of ballot harvesting as something akin to Trump colluding with Russia.

The reality, however, is that the exact same practice goes on in Left-leaning states every election cycle and not a single eyebrow is ever raised in protest by the same Fake News media. That doesn’t make ballot harvesting right, by any stretch, but it does demonstrate the vast hypocrisy of the Democrat Party and its media lapdogs.

Recent statistics released by the state of California (and districts therein) suggest that the practice of illegals voting in elections is going on in record numbers and was quite possibly one of the biggest reasons for Hillary’s artificially inflated Popular Vote totals, despite having lost the election in a big way!

Intellectual Conservative:

In the 2016 election, illegal aliens voted in large enough numbers that the popular vote was skewed for Hillary Clinton. The media and the progressive socialists in the far-left Democrat Party laugh at such assertions and ridicule anyone who makes that statement. They have fallen silent at studies done since that time that have proven the assertion to be true. And as expected, they have no explanation why one and a half million illegal votes suddenly appeared in Los Angeles County in California. Nor can they explain why California has a problem cleaning up the voter rolls in the state. San Diego County has an over-registration number of 138% which makes 811,000″ghost” voters. Los Angeles County numbers are 112% for 708,000 “ghost” voters, ad according to the employees of Los Angeles country the number may actually be as high as 144%. The total “ghost” voters for California is in the area of 1,736,556.

Even the state of California has finally admitted that one-third of the votes tallied as belonging to registered citizen voters should not be registered to vote due to irregularities in the voting process. The numbers tally up to 12% more voters than those eligible to vote in the state. The California legislature has agreed to give illegal aliens drivers licenses which leads to these same non-citizens being allowed to vote. In California, this results in a million and a half voters who should not be allowed to vote. Other states are being forced to follow this example by liberal judges sitting on the federal and state courts.

This debacle was started when the National Voter Registration Act or the “Motor Voter Law” was signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1993.”Motor Voter” was a misnomer because it not only registered those that applied for drivers licenses but it also automatically registered those who used welfare and disability payments. Once those payments were given to illegal aliens in California, the doors were wide open for abuse. There is no valid process check against non-citizens voting even to this day. Much of the reason is that the federal courts have blocked states from asking for proof of citizenship. This leaves states to process registration forms where the citizenship question on the form is not marked and still pushed through.

Turn to the next page to read about an out-of-control California Secretary of State who actually admits that illegals vote in their elections while the late-Senator John McCain denies to CNN’s Anderson Cooper the very notion that there is voter fraud!




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