State University Stifles Free Speech

College campuses, increasingly coddling their students, have become extremely antagonistic towards any speech promoting gun rights, making second amendment activism for its students very difficult. Christian Britschgi is all too familiar with this trend. According to him:

Second Amendment activism can be a difficult undertaking on college campuses, particularly when that activism requires working under the supervision of a university’s student activities bureaucracy.
Not only are administrators generally hostile to the idea of expanded gun rights on campus, but they often have few qualms about using their position to inhibit those that would argue for them.
I experienced this myself when attempting to hold a gun-rights tabling event.

Britschgi and a friend made posters requesting the university to establish “murder-free zones”, lamenting on the university’s own gun-free zones and how criminals would obviously not care if the university had these zones – they’d commit crimes anyway.

In order to get a table at an event to demonstrate their “murder-free zone” posters, they needed to get permission from college administration.

Naively assuming this would be a quick process, we stopped by our adviser’s office on the morning of our event to get her permission.
Though she described her approval of our table as a formality, she asked what the subject was. When we explained the character and intent of the murder-free zone and showed her our posters, she didn’t just caution us about the reaction we could expect on the left-wing campus.
She said our posters were “triggering” – and she wanted approval from her supervisor before we could proceed. This, despite her acknowledgment that nothing in our event violated university regulations.
Our adviser called her supervisor out of a meeting he was in, and had us explain once more what we were tabling for. His response was even more negative, and his warnings even more extreme: Our “murder-free zone” posters were not only triggering, but “libelous” and dangerous.
With no degree of irony, the supervisor claimed our posters were so inflammatory that they could get us physically attacked by another student.  Apparently there exists a large number of pro-murder partisans at Portland State.

When the very places that should foster and protect the 1st amendment end up stifling free speech, you know that something is very wrong with this country.


Source: The College Fix



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