State Dept Won’t Release Clinton Foundation Emails for Another 27 Months

State Dept Won’t Release Clinton Foundation Emails for Another 27 Months

The blatant corruption exhibited by the Hillary Clinton and co-conspirator husband Bill continues to amaze. The Benghazi committee issued a final report, and although there seems to be no actionable conclusion, it is clear that Secretary of State Clinton was absolutely inept and dishonest in her handling of the situation when she should have been the key player for saving the  ambassador and other Americans who lost their lives there. Clinton left them to die and denied or postponed available protection and then lied to their grieving families and to the American people simply as a political calculation. That is bad enough, and certainly disqualifies Clinton for the presidency.

But the bigger issue continues to be the emails, and the scandal expands as information is pried out due to Freedom of Information requests. The illegal server and Clinton’s clear violations of the law regarding top secret communication should have landed her in a prison cell long ago. But beyond the actual legal violations are the questions about the motive. And the motive clearly is bribery and pay-to-play by foreign governments to enrich the Clintons, primarily through their Clinton Foundation slush fund. The State Department is doing everything it can to delay the investigation, which suggests that the corruption runs exceedingly deep for this level of obfuscation to be practiced so openly.

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