State Dept Records Reveal an ‘Absent’ Obama and ‘Unresponsive’ Hillary on Night of Benghazi Attack

Per records released by the State Department and provided to Breitbart News, Obama did not respond to the Benghazi attacks until six hours after they occurred. During this time, State, White House and other personnel frantically corresponded with each other as to how to address the matter, yet a perusal of the National Operational Intelligence Watch Officer's Network, or NOIWON, log doesn't show his name appear until much later.

Obama is not the only one who came out looking bad in the log however. Also caught looking irresponsible is then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who should have wasted no time contacting the president upon hearing about this tragedy. Yet it wasn't until Obama was finally reached by a third party that he spoke to Clinton about the matter:

“The Watch sent out three targeted alerts to various government agencies within the first hour.

Finally, at 2227, or 10:27 PM, President Obama shows up in the Watch Log records.

‘2227 The Watch patched President Obama to the Secretary,' according to the records. The ‘Secretary' refers to Hillary Clinton.

The secret records were obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request by attorney Mark Zaid on behalf of the group Veterans For a Strong America.

‘This is the watch log created by the State Department. The State Department has an operations center, and they maintain a log of all actions and communications that take place. This is the watch log, the record of communication, going in and out of the operations center,' Joel Arends, chairman of Vets For a Strong America, told Breitbart News.

‘For the president of the United States to have not interjected himself sooner in this process is a tragedy,' Arends said, noting that only President Obama could have obtained permission from the Libyan transitional government to use their airspace to send in the U.S. military.

‘Why did it never happen? Where was the president during this time?…He should have known that we had to request a formal order from the Libyan government to enter into their airspace,' Arends said.

Arends thinks that Hillary Clinton should have intervened to find Obama.”

Source: Breitbart



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