Obama Snookers Congress and U.S. on Nuke Deal

Obama Snookers Congress and U.S. on Nuke Deal

The patriot Barack Obama and his trusty sidekick, Secretary of State John Kerry, have negotiated a meaningless but damaging agreement with Iranian leaders, it was learned recently. It is surprising to only a few that someone who was once described as the smartest president we have ever had, as Obama was described during his first presidential campaign, could be so easily duped by the paragons of virtue and honesty, the Iranian leadership.  Unless, of course, it was Obama’s plan in the first place to give up multiple concessions and treasure for less than nothing in return. The upside, one presumes, was that he angered Congress, including many in his own party, and blatantly violated the Constitutional limits on his power to create treaties without the consent and participation of the Congress. One thing to be said about Obama is that he is an over-achiever when it comes to damaging the country and empowering our enemies.

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