State Dept: Hillary Never Signed Classified Information Return Agreement

The State Department and the FBI have themselves been relatively quiet concerning Hillary Clinton's investigation regarding her private email server, but little by little they've been forced to talk, and with every statement, Hillary's impending indictment seems ever more likely.

Breitbart News has obtained confirmation on State Department letterhead that Hillary Clinton did NOT sign a mandatory OF-109 “Separation Statement” when she left the State Department.

That statement would have required her to affirm that she had returned all classified materials in her possession. Clinton’s top aide Cheryl Mills also avoided signing a separation statement.

Additionally, Clinton never certified that she went through a mandatory security debriefing to learn how to handle classified information. State Department officials, meanwhile, admitted that they “mistakenly” mailed out sensitive information involving the Clinton case.

Citizen researcher Larry Kawa has provided to Breitbart News the most clear-cut evidence to date that Clinton avoided going through mandatory channels to return classified government information.

Clinton failed to sign a separation agreement when she left the State Department, around the time she was required to give back all of her classified materials. Clinton signed a “Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement” on January 22, 2009. This document is known as an SF-312. It is standard for government employees to sign an SF-312 when they begin working in a role that gives them access to classified information. But she was also required to sign an OF-109, or “Separation Statement,” when she left the job.

Hillary seems to think she's above the law, but that attitude may very well be the one that leaves her watching her party crumble beneath a Sanders candidacy from the comfort of her very own jail cell.

Source: Breitbart

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