State Dept Delays Release of Hillary Clinton Emails Until After Primaries Begin

The State Department announced this week that they will not make the January 29th deadline to produce all of Clinton's emails, and the delay is sure to effect the primaries that were to occur after the final release.

The Department has 7,000 more pages of Clinton’s emails that it chooses not to release yet. The State Department’s Friday dump represents less than 23 percent of the remaining emails. Vice reporter Jason Leopold is suing the State Department in District Court in Washington, D.C. for the full release.

So when will the emails all be released? Not until February 29, by which point Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina will already have pledged its delegates to either Clinton, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), or Martin O’Malley.

The Department said in a court filing:

“It has approximately 9,000 more pages to go. During this enormously complex undertaking,State missed sending to some of the necessary agencies approximately 7,000 pages that it hadidentified as requiring interagency consultation. This error did not come to light until threeweeks before the January 29 deadline set by the Court for the final production of Clinton emails.”

It's hard to see what hurts the Democrats more. They can either find out the Hillary has committed illegal activity worthy of indictment before the primaries, and they nominate an unwinnable socialist, or they don't find out until after she wraps up the nomination, and they head into the primaries with a soon-to-be sentenced felon. Either way, looks like a win for the GOP.

Source: Breitbart



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