Starbucks Vows to Hire 10,000 Refugees, Competitor to Hire 10,000 Veterans

The leadership of Starbucks is not satisfied with just running a successful business. There is also the desire to use the company's visibility to push various liberal agenda items. This is not new. Here's an example:

According to, during the annual Starbucks shareholder meeting, CEO Howard Shultz had the audacity to send a message to everyone who buys coffee at the large chair:

If you support traditional marriage over gay marriage, Starbucks doesn’t want your business.

Of course, it's the CEO's right to make such a comment, and we have a right to not drink his coffee.

It isn't just those who support traditional marriage who are considered undesirable by Mr. Shultz. The company also took a swipe at US veterans:

Starbucks made its pledge to hire 10,000 refugees as a politicized response to President Donald Trump’s temporary moratorium on travel from a small list of terror-torn nations.

The move immediately sparked a #BoycottStarbucks movement, as critics of the liberal coffee house deluged social media with complaints. Many wondered why the company has refused to hire 10,000 military veterans if they had so many job openings ready to fill with foreigners.

With so much criticism, the firm decided to try a bit of damage control.

In its latest explanation from The Men and Women of Starbucks Armed Forces Network (AFN), the company claimed it has “hired over 8,800 veterans and spouses and counting” and insisted that the company’s CEO, Howard Schultz, was the main backer of that program.

The statement goes on to express how shocked it was that so many were accusing the company of ignoring veterans in its politicized push to hire “10,000 refugees.”

Whatever. This point is still valid: this is a business which is hostile to conservative ideas and which is eager to use its position in the marketplace to push a leftist agenda.

The tiny, but growing Black Rifle Coffee Company has a different approach, and took advantage of the controversy Startbucks created for itself to get a little publicity.

It's a funny world where political lines are being drawn over things like cheeseburgers and coffee. Nevertheless, it's the hand we have been dealt and it's up to use to make the most of it.

So, given the choice, we'll buy Black Rifle Coffee.

Source: Breitbart

Source: BizPac Review



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