Starbucks Red, White and Blue Coup

The “Red Cup” backlash toward Starbucks has turned into a Red, White and Blue public relations coup for the corporation as they announced in a press release their new veteran's policy.  The company's CEO, Howard Schultz, told CNN that they plan to extend to partners who are current or former U.S. Armed Force members tuition -free education for them and their spouses and children.  The company intends to hire more military personnel as well, in an effort to say thanks but also to keep the corporations “social responsibility programme's” image intact.

The timing is quite impeccable, a new veteran's policy announced on on Veteran's Day, with so many eyes either glaring or just keeping tabs on the “Red Cup” controversy.  The whole world seems to be tuned into the anti-Christmas cup, but Starbucks appears to be redeeming themselves by reaching out to the veterans.  Is this a marketing coup or an attempt to assuage the angry conservative coffee connoisseur?  Read more on the next page.

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