Starbucks Disses Veterans, Only Hiring Migrants

Starbucks Disses Veterans, Only Hiring Migrants

Liberals don’t believe in discrimination. But, they do believe that if you hug enough migrants all the problems in the world will go away. And by that, I mean the world as we know it will be destroyed to create a New World Order. However, don’t be silly. Of course, all their little minions doing the day to day interactions with their mission are suffering from too acute cases of liberalism to realize they’re fools.

That is why Starbucks employees didn’t understand why people thought it was discriminatory or nasty to hold a massive hiring even in El Cajon CA on Tuesday exclusively for migrants. This is part of Starbucks commitment to hire over 10,0000 refugees in less than five years across the U.S.

Nothing is more insulting than refusing jobs to our veterans. But, if something could get even remotely (we’re talking light years apart) close, it is our government, and Starbucks allowing people infected with a nasty highly infectious bacterial disease to make food and beverages for a mass café chain.

You’ll never believe just how nasty and prevalent this bacterial infection plaguing migrant populations is or how soon the very same people might be making your cup of overpriced Starbucks coffee with an optional crapshoot shot of infectious diseases. All on the next page. Here is a hint. The bacterial infection is something that used to be common in the U.S. 150 years ago.

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