The Squad Leads Resistance Movement to Spearhead Kavanaugh Impeachment

Ayanna Presley, quite possibly the most Woke of the Squad members, is spearheading the effort to impeach the newest judge to join the US Supreme Court, Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  And believe it or not, each and every current allegation that has just now re-entered the DNC Fake News Media breaking bombshell cycle is the exact same set of accusations that have already been investigated by both Congress and the FBI…twice.  As was telegraphed in more languages than there were scandals in the Obama administration, the multiple investigations into Kavanaugh’s alleged assaults from his past decades ago were thoroughly debunked or found to be “not credible.”

Of course, we already knew this, but that has not stopped Squad luminary Presley from ignoring these findings and launching into a brand new, faux tirade dressing up old news to look like new shocking revelations.  In addition to being, in the words of the great Shakespeare, “much ado about nothing,” Pressley has gone to great lengths to be outraged over this singular event while at the same time ignoring a slew of very real and compelling scandals elsewhere.

Turn to the following page to read more about the Squad’s vendetta against Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh at the direction of the Resistance movement and in total ignorance of many more under-the-radar covert operations by Progressive dark money interests!



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