Speier: “Muslims Commit Murder Because They Have No Other Outlet”

Speier: “Muslims Commit Murder Because They Have No Other Outlet”

Terminology to the Leftist is very important when it comes to altering public perception on issues that stand in stark contrast to the positions held by Progressives.  For instance, when it comes to taxation, Republicans will always use the word “tax” while Democrats will pussyfoot around the word, careful not to use the offensive language in lieu of other more tender terms like “mandatory recompense” or “government revenue.”

While the words used are less important that the resulting blissful ignorance that is associated with the terminology, Libs nevertheless practice the use of these terms as a nearly flawless involuntary reaction to any question that they deem “too hot for primetime.”  When any question is floated, Leftists' brains immediately begin tallying the words in the question itself, weighing the dangerous positions that could be taken in reference to their rhetorical value and ultimately deciding upon an evasive path of least resistance that will allow them to “skate” on the substance.  You could see it every single time Hillary Clinton was asked any question about any subject.  The words were carefully chosen, the breaths between words and thoughts measured appropriately and the resulting answer either contained so much loftiness as to be irrelevant, or it never actually answered the question.  Of course, the mainstream media is perfectly fine with that aspect, for it assures that their candidate remains viable through a diversionary practice as old as Socialism.

Much of these old school Liberal tactics originated right in the heart of Leftist territory:  California.  Representative Jackie Speier of the Left Coast was being interviewed in friendly territory on MSNBC when she was asked a question about the recent terrorist attack on the children who attended the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester Arena.  True to Progressive form, the San Francisco Liberal opted to invoke the old “lone wolf” narrative in order to dull the Conservative argument that these Muslims are committing these acts of terror in concerted maneuvers, showing organization and expert networking of communications toward different outlier groups around the globe.  Liberals do not want the public to be aware that ISIS, al-Qaeda, Hamas, etc., etc., are reaching out through mass networks of sleeper cells across the Earth to instill their terror.  Their story for these attacks is dependent on their abilities to confer to the viewing public that the incidents are not coordinated, that they are isolated, anomalous, lone-wolf acts based on propaganda that is happened upon coincidentally by these young and confused youths.

Speier went on to make some spectacularly ignorant statements about the reasons behind why these cowards (our words, not hers) choose the path that they have chosen.

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