Soros Front Group Launches Project To Keep Syrians Migrants Flowing Into US

Soros Front Group Launches Project To Keep Syrians Migrants Flowing Into US

It appears that even the sycophantic Democrats cannot support President Barack Obama when it comes to welcoming in ever increasing numbers Syrian and Iraqi refugees. In the wake of the horrific attack on Paris by the murderous ISIS terrorists along with their threats to invade additional Western cities, Obama's call to expand the immigration program was just too great a risk for his own party members.

And the risk was not just fear that ISIS members would slip in secretly along with the Middle Eastern migrants, but the political risk of going against the clear desire of the American people to pause the program and to strengthen the vetting process.  On Thursday the House voted 289 to 137 to limit the flow and stiffen the vetting process, providing a veto proof, bipartisan response to Obama's chiding of congress and the American people for not allowing more refugees into the U.S.

In the run-up to the vote considerable resources were spent to support the refugee program, including micro websites that included young, flag waving people with what appear to be ethnic minorities following behind, and quotes from Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher inviting refugees from many nations into the land of freedom.

This type of quick and broadbased campaign is expensive, and it is typical of Obama's dishonest use of social media to generate support for his programs from young, uninformed internet users.

The larger question, given the extensive outcry from U.S. citizens to curtail the questionable program, is why Obama is so determined to invite potential terrorists into the country and to push against both the public and members of his own party. Could there by someone in the background manipulating Obama to make these impolitic decisions?

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