Soros Drops 37% of His US Stocks, Buys Gold

Soros Drops 37% of His US Stocks, Buys Gold

American investors might want to stock up on gold after hearing which unlikely individual recently jumped on that bandwagon.

Although investing in the precious metal is often dismissed as something only paranoid “goldbugs” do, none other than George Soros has started to pile up stocks of it. The fact that this wealthy billionaire is banking on gold should make Americans wonder why they aren't.

Notorious for his long-lasting efforts to force his far-left agenda on the United States, Soros ironically appears to be worried about what the future has in store for the country he came to destroy, reducing his US stock investments by a third. He is especially worried about our economic ties to China, which he claims is looking increasingly like the US before the 2008 financial crisis.

One might be inclined to dismiss this as anti-American doom and gloom from a liberal demagogue, but the fact that he is willing to put his money and thus, his own skinĀ  on the line suggests he takes the threat very seriously.

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