Solving Racial Issues? Ferguson Judge Vacates All Arrest Warrants From Before 2015


What does this have to do with racial tensions?  According to the municipal courts in Ferguson, authorities are in possession of over 400 photos and videos show various crimes from looting to mayhem, throwing bottles, rocks, to inciting the rioters.  And now in the spirit of “forgiveness” and to acquiesce to the protesters, Judge David McCullen decided to “let go” all those who committed the crimes and started the riot.  Activists in Ferguson have stated this is a “win” for them.  And, the “warrant free” judgement is also to pay homage to the Department of Justice, who lambasted the Ferguson police post riot, for profiling blacks with the number of traffic stops made on blacks compared to whites.  It looks like the criminals have the keys to the asylum.

As of March the police had released more than 400 photos and video clips of looters and racked up a grand total of ten arrests. There were, at the time, ten other suspects identified from the pictures and warrants had been issued. So are we to assume that this part time judge has essentially declared an amnesty on looting and arson?

This should send one heck of a message to the people interested in breaking the law. Don’t worry about the rules. All is forgiven so long as you don’t get mad at us.”




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