The Solution to Michelle Obama’s $2,300 “Welcome Pope” Dress

In order to save face in front of the Pope, the Democrats and the world for this extravagant bow to fashion, it is suggested here that the First Lady publicly auction the dress.

Consider: This dress was see again and again world wide. It was worn by the always “media-adored” and fawned-over fashionable First Lady of the United States. It was worn for a once in a lifetime event — Meeting the Pope.

Thus, this dress has all the fame, glamour and glory of a dress that might be on display in the Smithsonian for generations to come. Yes, there will be a zillion knockoffs of it by Christmastime at every Target and Walmart across the country…right next to the Princess Elsa “Frozen” gowns.

Granted, the reason the price was published was to make the populace understand it was a cut-budget dress. It was very unlike the gown Michelle wore the following evening for a state dinner with the President of China and his wife. That dress — a custom built Vera Wang exclusive didn’t carry a price take in the press along with the “oohs” and “aaahs”. As they say, if you have to ask the price, you cannot afford it. Auction that one and you could probably reduce the debt of a central African nation by a third.

Back to the original $2,300 dress…Why not auction it and give the proceeds to the Pope to distribute to the poor and needy as he sees fit…or perhaps he could tackle Global Warming with it. Whatever suits his fancy, the Pope would be grateful and some rich collector would have an amazing keepsake.

And the Obamas would have a tremendous tax write off…along with the appreciation and awe of the progressives again.

Sound like a plan? I look forward to reading all about it.

Now…about those shoes and handbag…

— Opinion by Scott Ring



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