Socialized Medicine Takes a Dangerous Detour Toward Non-Sustainability

Not very long ago, all things listed as being Socialist, Communist, or otherwise, non-capitalist or non-American were considered by most Democrats as vastly superior to our way of life.  Michael Moore pitched this in one of his films, Sicko, where he basically downplayed just about every aspect of the US healthcare system in favor of the United Kingdom, France, Canada and Cuba.

The movie’s premise was that if you were treated in a Socialist nation where the healthcare is free and based on a not-for-profit system, you would be far and away in much better hands, medically, than if you had to seek treatment here in the United States.

For obvious reasons, the film that cost about $9M to make and brought in just under $25M was said to be a great financial success…but at what cost?  It certainly didn’t present the other half of the story of socialized medicine where the wrong legs are being amputated or women are giving birth in waiting rooms.  It certainly didn’t reveal the hidden camera video of the new resident in Canada who was seeking medical care only to find out that his “number” in line to see a doctor put him in the three-to-six month range.

The truth, however, is being revealed through no biased work by a washed-up director.  Both the Canadian and the Venezuelan healthcare systems are collapsing in on themselves and that’s no surprise.  What is a surprise is how quickly the systems are collapsing and may even disappear completely in the case of Venezuela!

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