Social Warriors Triggered by Skittles

The white skittles were released in celebration the identity politics that Black Lives Matter would normally embrace. However, since they Skittles are blank (not white) they seem to have a problem with it. Here are a few of the Tweets.

The social network giant was flooded with tweets expressing outrage at the fruit-flavored chewy candy being sold without colors.

“This is soooo fucking stupid. Why should whiteness mean equality?!” said one Twitter user.

“Skittles realized how white/capitalist PRIDE was becoming and wanted to join in the efforts. Interesting,” said another woman.

“Damn, Skittles turning against the coloreds too,” added another.

Some of the tweets received hundreds of retweets.

“Shoulda been brown or black. I aint eating no white skittles,” said another woman.

Things like this are reminiscent of that scene in Will Ferrel's Anchorman, when everybody's yelling at each other and Brick is just running around yelling, “loud noises!” These social movements don't have goals, because they'll never be content. After all, most people aren't content without having something to complain about.



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