Smiling Muslim Nanny Pleads Guilty, ‘Allah ordered me’ to Kill the Child

Some are calling Gulchekhra Bobokulova, the ‘bloody nanny’ and indeed her monstrous behavior fits this description, but calling her a terrorist seems a better fit, as she claimed that ‘Allah ordered her to kill' the child.

Her behavior at the Oktyabrskoye Pole metro station, swinging the child's severed head in the air, while threatening to blow herself up in the name of Allah, is that of a copycat, one who has mimicked radical Islamic behavior displayed throughout the Middle East.

As Bobkulova enter court in Moscow, she wore an odd smirk, smiling at times, and waving to perhaps the journalists who were in the courtroom.

She didn’t speak much in court but smiled. She briefly stated that she was born in 1977 and has three children.

Bobokulova will officially be charged on March 4, officials said, and the court ruled she will be preliminarily detained until April 29.

She will be examined by psychiatrists after Investigative Committee staff noted Gobokulova’s “inappropriate behavior,” RIA Novosti reported.

When asked in court if she pleaded guilty, the ‘killer’ nanny said “Yes.” She was seen smiling inside the court cage.

The investigation also concluded that the nanny had “instigators” who prompted her to kill the girl.

Later an investigation source told TASS that the experts should check all possible scenarios, including “possible incitement.”

The police are trying to find her boyfriend, as their belief that she had an instigator, someone who encouraged her to act.

Source: RT  Truth and Action




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