Small Hamlet in France is Home to a Dark Secret That Goes Beyond Creepy

Roubaix, France is a small and unassuming picture of post-industrial urban squalor.  Its long-closed warehouses and textile mills are a blight on the landscape, but nothing compared to the domiciles of the 90K+ people who call Roubaix home.  After World War II, Jews in this area of France flocked to Roubaix due to a holy relic that was very important to Judaism:  a Sefer Torah.  This was a hand-written version of the Torah and is considered one of the holiest of Jewish religious items.  It is given a most special place of honor called the Torah Ark, an ornate curtained cabinet or synagogue section built along the side of the temple that most closely faces Jerusalem.

This Torah was created 1867 in a small home in Roubaix and that house had become a makeshift holy building until the Sefer Torah could be housed in a temple proper.  In 1990, the building which was commemorated with a historical plaque showing its Jewish roots and its religious significance was demolished by the local government.  The reason given was an “urban renewal” project.  By the year 2000, Jews had closed down the only temple and had moved out, never to return.

While that seems to be the end of the story, there is more.  Much, much more.

Truth and Action has uncovered a particular insidious history that has tendrils that reach in all directions and destroys a good deal of apologists’ explanations about Roubaix and its dark roots.  Before we get into that, we should start with a very small story that cropped up only two days ago.  ACTU17 is a French language news site that first ran an unusual story about Roubaix and a mysterious series of pits that had been dug around the town in various places.  The pits were only about 2′ in depth on the average, but it was what had been found within that began to worry residents and police.

Info News 17. Several testimonies and photographs have been received from the residents of the district of Trois Ponts in Roubaix. A group of young individuals dug holes 60 cm deep on average and covered them to camouflage them.

Their goal ? Attract police officers in pursuit races at night to trap them.

According to several consistent testimonies, these traps worthy of North American trappers contain sharp metal objects to injure police officers.

Police officers alerted by the residents were sent to the scene to observe the reported facts. They have confirmed that they have spotted many pitfalls. No official information was provided by the authorities.

The authors have not been arrested for the time being.

police tiger trap 2 police tiger trap

When first viewed, this story sounds as if they were a bunch of teens running around, trying to stir up trouble.  The report just didn’t sit right with me and I decided to do a bit more digging.  My first stop was a very Leftist website named, dedicated to exposing the outright Islamophobia exhibited by Right-wingers.  The article is specifically about Roubaix and goes to great lengths to talk about how even though there is a high concentration of Muslims in Roubaix, the city council has actually gone against the French government and allows its Muslim citizens to wear their hijab (which are banned in France).  The Muslim population is a stunning 20K and growing.  There are six mosques in this tiny town (with another planned to be built) servicing the Muslim population and is rated by some analysts as being twice as many as normally needed for a population this size. mentions in its article about this town that while there are an exorbitant amount of Muslims in the village (proportionately the largest of any town in France) the crime rate among them is nearly non-existent.  The Muslims who live there feel right at home.

Wearing head scarves and long skirts, the women glide along the faded back streets of this poor French town as they make their way to the mosque to hear the last prayer of the evening.

Like their husbands and brothers, fathers and sons, they feel at home here. That is in large part because Roubaix, a small city in northeastern France, has made a point of embracing its Muslim population, proportionately one of the largest in the country.

“I am comfortable in these clothes here in Roubaix,” said Farid Gacem, the bearded president of the Abu Bakr mosque, who was wearing a nearly ankle-length loose brown tunic on a recent afternoon.

In Trappes, a heavily Muslim suburb of Paris, an altercation between the police and a woman wearing a niqab, a veil that is illegal to wear in public, turned violent two weeks ago. In another suburb of Paris, the mayor refused a request by Muslims for a prayer room to use during Ramadan. The Interior Ministry says crimes targeting Muslims have increased 28 percent this year.

Yet here in Roubaix, the mood is different. That is despite one of the worst unemployment rates in the country, 22 percent, with the figure far higher among young people, according to the mayor’s office. Nearly half of households have incomes below the poverty line, and many areas are troubled by petty crime and drug trafficking.

The question is whether Roubaix’s approach to multiculturalism will become a model for other French cities, or if, in a country in which the Muslim population finds itself at the center of a debate over racism, religious tolerance and national identity, it will remain an exception.

So you see, the message here is twofold.  Not only are we White Anglo-Saxon Protestants committing crimes against the poor Muslims, but if we just submit to Islam (after all, Islam translates to “submission”) and we allow them to do whatever they wish, according to Sharia law, they won’t kill us!  It’s that simple.

However, that’s not really what’s going on here.  This article points out that because Roubaix is so inclusive and tolerant, it has (in essence) tamed the wild beast that is Islam.

The insinuation is that Muslims who are left to their own devices will not commit acts of terror against the populace.

That also didn’t sit right with me.  So I dug a little deeper.  Lo and behold, Roubaix was the original home of a terrorist organization back in the 1990s called Gang de Roubaix.  This group’s affiliation at the time was to the al-Qaeda terrorist network and they were responsible for a rash of attacks that ultimately led to a full-scale war with French authorities, resulting in a raid that busted up the entire cell.  For its part, Gang de Roubaix, began forming right around the time that the Jewish community there spirited away their Sefer Torah to the neighboring city of Lille.  Coincidence?

According to Le Parisien:

In late 1996, the newly created cell began spreading terror. In order to fund themselves for their future attacks, they planned several criminal acts.

On 27 January 1996, some of their members, including Dumont, stole an Audi car but encountered a police patrol, who thought that they were dealing with minor criminals. Immediately, the group fired on the police with assault rifles, injuring one of the police officers who was hit twice. However, the attackers’ weapons malfunctioned and the police were able to escape.

On 8 February 1996, they robbed a supermarket but had to flee when the police arrived. The ensuing chase ended with the group’s car crashing. While firing on the police, they killed a Mercedes driver, Hammoud Feddal and stole his car.

On 25 March eight members of the gang assaulted a Brink’s armored truck near a mall, injuring the driver in the leg. The attackers couldn’t access the money and fled.

On 28 March the group parked a Peugeot 205, with 4 gas tanks linked to a detonator in the trunk, beside a police precinct in Lille. The whole building was supposed to be destroyed by the blast. However, the bomb malfunctioned, destroying only the car.

For several days, the gang had been under surveillance after the failed assault against the Brink’s truck. The police officers succeeded in locating the gang HQ: the house of one of the members in Roubaix.

The day following the failed attack of 28 March, the police decided to intervene. The RAID, a French anti-terrorist Special unit, surrounded the place and stormed the house. The 4 men who were inside fought back with assault rifles, screaming that they’d rather die than surrender. The RAID team fired back and launched smoke grenades. A grenade, launched by the group, injured another policeman and started a fire in the house. After several minutes of heavy gun fighting, the roof of the building, weakened by the fire, collapsed on the 3 remaining gang members. The death toll of the assault was 4 dead and two police officers injured, including one seriously.

The others members of the gang, who were located in several other locations, managed to escape. All the police units were scrambled.

Several hours later, Christoph Caze, who had managed to escape, was killed by Belgian police.

So, here we can find that, not only is Roubaix a headquarters to a well-funded Islamic terror group, but they are also training others here as well.  As mentioned earlier, Belgian immigrants made up a large influx of the work force in the 1800s.  Presumably Belgian citizens are in the mix of the trainees, because as you can see above, Belgian police killed Caze (a French medical student who had been radicalized while working in Zenika, a large city in Bosnia and Herzegovina).  This indicates that he fled to Belgium where there were most likely contacts through Roubaix citizenry.

An electronic address book was found on Caze’s body which permitted the arrest of Fateh Kamel and Mohammed Omary. Kamel was the leader of a terrorist cell in Montreal, suspected of planning terrorist attacks in Los Angeles.

After escaping all across Europe, Dumont was finally arrested in Germany in 2003. He is currently serving a 25-year sentence in France.

And here, a most unsettling detail is that Caze was in contact with Muslim terrorists in both the United States and Canada.  Lest we forget, Canada directly to our north, has an open border policy in respects to Muslim immigrants.  Our Canadian border is perhaps just as porous as our southern border.  It should also be noted that the Gang de Roubaix, in addition to being involved in several bloody bank robberies and murder, were responsible for the failed car bombing in the G7 Finance Ministers Meeting in Lille (the same place to which Roubaix Jewish leaders transferred their holiest relic, the Sefer Torah).

To sum up, Jews in Roubaix suddenly ship their holiest of relics to a temple in Lille.  They then shut down the only synagogue in town and leave en masse.  This is right around the time that Gang de Roubaix is forming there.  Then, with the establishment of small ghettoes in the town, the mass immigration of Muslims begins in earnest.  By 2000,  the population is already in excess of 10K.  This is right around the time that the town council decides to plow under the original historical home where the Sefer Torah was crafted.  The demolition is completed under the auspices of “urban renewal.”  Coincidence?

Fast forward to 2014 in Brussels where three people are fatally shot at the Jewish Museum in that city.  Gatestone Institute explains:

A French former jihadist in Syria has been arrested over the fatal shooting of three people at the Jewish Museum in Brussels on May 24.

The arrest, announced by French and Belgian prosecutors during simultaneous news conferences in Paris and Brussels on June 1, confirms the worst fears about the security threat posed by battle-hardened European jihadists returning from the fighting in Syria.

Western security officials estimate that up to 2,000 Europeans—including 800 from France and 200 from Belgium—have traveled to Syria in the hopes of overthrowing the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and replacing it with an Islamic state.

Mehdi Nemmouche, a 29-year-old French national from the northern town of Roubaix, was arrested at the Saint-Charles train and bus station in Marseille on May 30 during a random search for illegal drugs. He was a passenger on an overnight bus that was travelling from Amsterdam to Marseille via Brussels.

Police found a Kalashnikov rifle, a handgun and an “impressive quantity” of high-caliber ammunition in Nemmouche’s luggage. They also found a GoPro miniature video camera as well as a Nikon digital camera containing a 40-second video in which a man believed to be Nemmouche is heard claiming responsibility for the Brussels attack and expressing regret that the GoPro device failed to capture the shooting.

The voice in the video describes the Brussels killings as an “attack against the Jews” and warns that Belgium will experience “fire and blood,” according to Belgian federal prosecutor Frédéric Van Leeuw.

Remember that which infers in its articles that we are nuts to think that Muslims are dangerous also assures us most condescendingly that Roubaix has produced nothing but “good Muslims” because we have completely capitulated to them in regards to Sharia law.  It appears that “Western security officials” would tend to disagree with (see above italicized paragraph 3).  Not only are Muslims breaking French laws (and apparently U.S. and Canadian laws as well) but they are forming whole terror cells and using Roubaix as its launching pad and headquarters!  How wrong can you be on this issue?

You may not understand French, but let me just translate the title of the video:  “Roubaix, fertile land for radical Islam.”

To top it all off, I came back to this whole strange little article from a French news broadcast and dug just the tiniest bit more to find that, as suspected in my gut from the very moment I read the piece…you guessed it…Muslims dug the holes to trap and harm police officers.  Pamela Geller, as I’m sure most people are familiar (the woman who organized a Draw the Prophet Muhammad contest down in Texas) has been contacted by a French citizen about this very issue and said that it’s well known in Roubaix that Muslims were involved in the trap constructions.  And you’ll recall, the original article NEVER MENTIONS MUSLIMS.  This is key.  The police are so conditioned in this small little hamlet to turn a blind eye to all things Muslim that even when they are possibly being targeted with extremity-loss or worse, they must not mention the word “Muslim.”

According to the Gateway Pundit, these types of traps are called “tiger traps,” but are also referred to as “punji traps” by Vietnam-era veterans.  Whatever they’re called, it’s pretty easy to see that someone like “Emperor” (the cowardly pseudonym of the author of the article on the peace and love of Roubaix Muslims) can arbitrarily throw together a puff-piece on the subject without doing a scrap of hard, investigative journalism, coming to conclusions that are, quite frankly, downright dangerous.

Whatever you think is fine, Emperor (if that is, in fact, your real name), but I dare you to don a yarmulke and walk the streets of Roubaix without a police escort.  Then tell me how safe it really is.

Source:  ACTU17 / / / Gatestone Institute / Geller Report

Image: TabletMag



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