Slate Writer: Grande’s ‘Blissful, Unsubdued Feminine Sexuality’ Caused ‘Gender-Based’ Terror Attack

A piece on the Slate website appeared written by Christina Cauterucci who is no stranger to Liberal points of view.  Her piece regarded the terrible events that took place in Manchester a couple of days ago and these and the possibility that this attack was specifically directed against girls and women as a way of ensuring a higher casualty rate. She also claims that the whatever harm comes to the singer, it's her fault for her ‘unsubdued feminine sexuality'.

The victims of Monday’s bombing will almost certainly be mostly girls and women. The Grande fan demographic also includes a number of older millennial women, gay men, and general lovers of pop music, of course, but her live concerts are largely populated by tween and teenage girls and their moms. By staging the attack at a Grande show, the perpetrator or perpetrators chose to target children who may or may not have had an adult around to help them through an emergency situation.

And they targeted fans of an artist whose global brand is one of blissful, unsubdued feminine sexuality. Grande has long been the target of sexist rhetoric that has deemed her culpable for any sexual objectification or animosity that’s come her way. Her songs and wardrobe are sexy, yet she’s maintained a coy, youthful persona; the combination has led some haters to argue that she’s made her fortune by making people want to have sex with her, so whatever related harm befalls her is entirely her fault.

Some observers on Twitter are using this moment to take cheap shots at Grande’s music and roll their eyes at the makeup of her audience, as if a disproportionately young, female fanbase makes an artist somehow unserious. “MULTIPLE CONFIRMED FATALITIES at Manchester Arena. The last time I listened to Ariana Grande I almost died too,” one Boston-based journalist tweeted. Meanwhile, some reports are saying dozens of unaccompanied children are holed up at hotels, waiting alone until their parents and guardians can come find them. These girls are survivors of an orchestrated attack on girls and girlhood, a massive act of gender-based violence.

Now, these “haters” she refers to are not Conservative Christians as much as Cauterucci would like us to believe.  She does not say this outright, but from all her previous work, the insinuation is there.  There are always outliers in any group who never speak for the vast majority of the rest, however, I can say with nearly 100% certainty that neither Conservatives, nor Christians, would ever wish this sort of brutal tragedy on anyone (except perhaps the very people who commit these atrocities). I know she is leaning toward that argument, but the fact remains that Christians and Conservatives may not approve of children dressing and acting in these ways (or even those perceived to be children as Grande apparently is) but they would never wish this on anyone.

Who are these insensitive morons who are saying these kids brought this on themselves? I can make a good guess. But Cauterucci won't like my answer.

In the interim, she touched upon some of the ridiculously shameful remarks by people on Twitter and Facebook regarding these poor children and the families who have been torn apart by these events.  The insinuation that was clear was that Conservatives and Christians were responsible for these horrid remarks on social media, but the fact of the matter is that no Conservative or Christian that I know would ever make those types of observations.


Source: Slate



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