SIXTY Police Departments Now Set To Use Drones


Drones are a new hobby for many and the ease at which the common person can get a drone has made them common place and therefore, forgettable.

The Director at the defense contractor, Teal Group Corporation stated:

Philip Finnegan acknowledges that there is some “political risk” at the moment, but is betting on the short-term memory of the American population, as well as their tendency to become acclimatized to all of the trappings of a full-blown police state.

One can see the slow boil of the frog in water happening in this area of drones and their proximity to every day life.  When the public becomes aware that they are near a “boiling point” in this area of drones and privacy, it may be too late.

There have been some positive signs of semi-awakening to this reality, however.  The actual sponsor of North Dakota’s drone legislation is having second thoughts and is aiming to change the law within two years, claiming that the police union imposed an amendment that directly reversed his original intent. Some of the more educated and active areas of the country have also pushed back hard against their department’s drone initiatives forcing police to abandon their fast-track plans

Source: Active Post



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