Sisters Sentenced to Rape, to Horrific to be True?

Sisters Sentenced to Rape, to Horrific to be True?

Mix just enough truth with gossip, add the internet and one gets a story that is both sensational and sets a fire in the hearts of all who desire mercy.  The original story, as reported by the Daily Mail, was of two sisters who were sentenced to be raped in central India because their brother ran off with a higher caste married woman.

The village counsel in Uttar Pradesh has denied allegations of said ruling against the two Indian sisters.  There was such an international dissent caused by this story, that Amnesty International started an online petition seeking protection and justice for the girls. 

Reuters has investigated and found that the story began as gossip. Of course, it's always hard to determine the truth when it comes to the tightly-controlled mainstream media.

The council in the region said that no order was ever passed.

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