Sister of Muslim Clock Bomb Kid Once Suspended For Threatening to Blow Up School

And now, further fueling the controversy surrounding Ahmed’s possible hoax is the revelation from Ahmed’s older sister, Eyman, that she previously was suspended from the same school for three days. The reason? A fellow student claimed Eyman “wanted to blow up the school.” Doesn’t sound that far-fetched at all considering the family.

Eyman’s suspension as she tells it hasn’t been verified, but let’s assume it’s true. Conclusion: The family already knew any possible bomb threat was something the school took very seriously. And yet, Ahmed brings this obviously suspicious-looking ticking case into the school — not as part of any school project, but just because he supposedly invented a clock?

Not bloody likely. More likely: an attempt to fire up controversy and then play into the Islamophobia card? Being tolerant does not mean being completely blind to the obvious.

Of course Eyman’s story could be made up — like the idea that Ahmed made the clock himself, which has now been debunked. Why would Eyman lie about such a thing — unless to perpetuate the Islamophobia narrative perhaps? Pairing her revelation about being suspended for a bomb threat with what Mark Cuban said recently.

Source: Allan B. West

According to Cuban, owner of pro basketball’s Dallas Mavericks and star of the ABC-TV show “Shark Tank,” he heard Mohamed’s sister feeding him answers when he talked to him on the phone. This seems odd, particularly given Ahmed’s apparent comfort — even relish — at being the center of attention. So, was there a script Ahmed needed to stick to, to feed a particular narrative?
Got to keep those stories in line or it all falls apart.
It is anyway.




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