Sinister Hidden Cameras Used To Manipulate Political Worldviews

Hidden cameras and neuropolitical consulting are becoming standard practice around the globe.

A new field has emerged out of research and advancements made in the area of neuroscience (the study of the brain and nervous system) –  it is being dubbed Neuropolitics.

Among the digital billboards that are engaged in collecting data and tailoring marketing for many consumer products, many countries are beginning to use hidden facial recognition cameras within these billboards to capture the reactions of passersby.

It seems that the country to have first used this technology was Mexico in a 2012 campaign, and it continues today. Subsequently, campaigns in Poland, Turkey, and Colombia have gone on record with admissions of currently testing and employing these techniques. The following countries are listed as having pursued Neuropolitics in “limited ways” and/or intend to use the technology for upcoming campaigns:

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Costa Rica
  • El Salvador
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • United States

As one can quickly observe, this is not a list purely made up of totalitarian bogeymen that get top billing in Western press. In fact, within the United States, it has been revealed that Hillary Clinton and John McCain are among those who have engaged Neuropolitical consultants. According to the NYT, Hillary’s chief strategist declined comment when asked about any plan for using the technology in her 2016 campaign.

Source: The Daily Sheeple

The grim future of Big Brother isn’t coming, but is already here. It is guaranteed that this strategy is being employed in a more broad scheme than can be identified. And if the average Leftist is willing to condemn you for using gendered pronouns or daring to be Christian, how much further behind can it be until these secret tactics become an overt attack on our rights as citizens?

Photo: Mike Mozart on Flickr



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