Simple DIY: Make a Space Heater For Almost Free

Simple DIY: Make a Space Heater For Almost Free

Summer’s just around the corner, but some places are still pretty chilly and even when the season is warm there are cool nights. Here’s another great DIY post from our friends over at The Good Survivalist that’ll show you a simple setup to keep a small space warm for just pennies – even if you have no electricity.

This do-it-yourself space heater won’t warm the entire house, but it’ll keep the chill off a small area or room. Check out the video and see how just some clay flower pots and some candles can be swiftly rigged up, whether you’re at home or even out camping.

This flower pot radiant space heater gets real hot, and can reach a temperature of up to 180F. So don’t touch it! The inner part of the heater can reach 500F. That’s really hot! DO NOT LEAVE IT UNATTENDED, AND KEEP SMALL CHILDREN AWAY. Use common sense and you’ll be fine.

This heater uses up to 3 candles as you’ll see in the video, or you could use small alcohol lamps if you don’t want to use candles. What’s especially great about this DIY heater is that it will stay hot for hours. Watch the video to get all the instructions, and enjoy the heat.

Source: The Good Survivalist



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