Sick Cop Calls Small Dog Over To Shoot It

Called to the scene over an “aggressive” dog, body cam footage shows this “officer of the peace” handling the situation in the worst way possible. In response to the small, tail-wagging dog, he called it over and proceeded to shoot at it. According to The Free Thought Project:

A sickening video was uploaded to facebook of an alleged Cleburne Police officer calling a small dog towards him and then shooting it.

The video appears to be the officer’s body cam which catches this gruesome act of animal cruelty. The person who uploaded the video, Darryl Neathery, claims that this was a Cleburne County police officer.


Neathery said on his Facebook page that, “The CPD said the dog was being aggressive. I know the dogs personally, and I assure you they knew nothing about aggression.”

At the end of the video you can here the police radio chime in as the officer is apparently about to report the death of this dog.


The family of the slain dog, ‘Maximus’ has started a support page for the dog, called Justice for Maximus.

You can see it here.


The Cleburne Police Department is seeking the public’s help if anyone observed this incident, please contact the Professional Standards Unit at 817.556.8884.

You can see the incident yourself below and decide if his actions were warranted:

Clearly, they’re not. What kind of coward calls over a harmless puppy and then slaughters him? You can see him wagging his tail. Is he aggressive? Of course not. If you’re a full grown adult police officer and a small tail wagging puppy makes you fear for your life, you don’t deserve to be a cop.  This man is doing nobody a service by killing this beloved family pet. Not himself, not the person who called him out, and not the community. This man doesn’t deserve his job.

Source:  The Free Thought Project


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