SHOCKING New Video Claims “Final Proof” that Michele Obama is Transgender

Was Michele Obama the 1st, First Man? A new video surfaced yesterday showing the Obamas leaving Harvard University where their oldest daughter will be studying this fall. The video as the former First Lady exited the dorms quickly went viral due to the presence of a large object in Michelle Obama's pants. Naturally, this clip had analysts and commentators constructing theories, immediately.

The video was as polarizing as one would expect, with multiple analyses, slowdowns, and replays of the video touted as evidence. Alternative media firebrand, commentator Alex Jones remarked that provocatively-shaped object in Michele's pants is too long to be a cell phone and its motion seems too “free” to merely be an object placed in her pocket.

Whatever the cause, the brief clip was viewed over half a million times in under a day, reigniting speculation about Michelle Obama that seemingly peaked while Barack Obama was President.

One celebrity died shortly after claiming ‘everyone knows' that Michelle is a transgender.

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