Shocking Footage of Bystanders Attacking Tennessee Police Officer

Shocking Footage of Bystanders Attacking Tennessee Police Officer

Black Lives Matter proponents will claim that police officers are bigoted racists who attack members of the black community for no reason. However, FBI crime statistics show that blacks are disproportionately involved in crime, including very serious crime.

For example, more than 50% of murders in this country are committed each year by blacks although they comprise only about 12% of the overall population. One problem is the general disrespect for law enforcement by African American communities, and there are clear cases where police officers try to do their jobs and are actually attacked by black community members.

A police officer in Tennessee was trying to arrest a black male recently for hitting a woman, and the officer was attacked by other black individuals, as shown in the video on page 2. The narrative of the Black Lives Matter proponents would suggest that the officer was “too aggressive” and “targeting minority citizens.” In fact, he was doing his job and trying to keep the community safe.

The question is why police officers would even go into such a neighborhood and risk their own safety when the community prefers to support the thugs that attacked the officer.

Watch struggle of officer on page 2:

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