Shock Video: Muslims Selling Sex Slaves on London Street, A Hoax?

Shock Video: Muslims Selling Sex Slaves on London Street, A Hoax?

There was once a time when radical Islam was recognized for what it was, a sect of the Muslim religion that’s only aim is to spread violence and perversity across the globe, killing anybody who doesn’t convert.

These days however, things are much different. Those who see radical Islam as one of, if not the greatest, global threat are considered to be conspiracy theorists, racists or intolerant.

Meanwhile, people on the left side of the aisle, including President Barack Obama are refusing to even acknowledge that radical Islam is real, which makese sense, considering the man is enormously responsible for creating the radical Islamist group we all know as ISIS into the non-JV team it is today.

Looking past the influx of migrants flooding into Western Europe and the violence they’ve brought with them (that governments are refusing to acknowledge), there’s the problem of the existing Muslim populations in places like the United Kingdom, where just recently a video surfaced on Live Leak that claims police officers are standing around while Muslim males auction off Muslim women right on a London street.

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