Shock Poll: 11% of American Muslims are for Donald Trump

Shock Poll: 11% of American Muslims are for Donald Trump

Since when does America careĀ about voting surveys done by terrorist organizations? And how did they get so much power in America in the first place?

Thanks to the political climate created by the Obama Administration and his liberal followers, including presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR as you might know them have a dangerous amount of power in American politics. And if you’ve been following the news since the beginning of the year, you might have heard that CAIR has been placed on the list of foreign terrorist organizations by the United Arab Emirates.

A new survey done by CAIR shows that more older Muslim voters back Clinton, while the younger Muslims support Bernie Sanders. I guess that goes show that young voters are severely misinformed, no matter what religion they practice. According to CAIR, the biggest issue concerning Muslim voters is the “growing Islamaphobia” in America.

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