Sheriff Warns of Mexican Drug Cartel Assassins

Since March, gunfire has taken place near Casa Grande, Arizona City, and on the Tohono O’Odham reservation. These sicarios target rival crews ferrying drugs over the border and steal their product and money.

”We are taking this threat seriously and believe that the public and my deputies deserve to know that there is an elevated risk of encountering gun violence in certain areas of Pinal County,” Babeu said in a Monday press release.

“I am concerned that when these cartel hitmen have armed confrontations with the rip crews in the deserts of Pinal County, innocent Americans and my deputies are going to be injured or killed,” the Sheriff continued.

“People who think that this is somehow far removed, that it’s happening in Mexico and that we’re all safe here, that’s not the case. This violence is occurring right here in our county.”

The sheriff has claimed that his department no longer controls many areas in the county. Yet, there’s no help coming from any federal departments. In February, Donald Trump said it’s time that the United States started treating drug cartels like an “enemy army”, and he’s right.





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