Sheriff Apaio Is Going The Supreme Court, A Pain In The Butt For The Establishment


Arpaio stated, “we’re going to Supreme Court. We knew it was a tough battle in that appellate court down in Washington, DC, but we’re way ahead of the judge in south Texas, when all those governors joined, and I guess the judge put that on hold. So, we’re already in the appellate court, and now going to Supreme Court on this very important issue.”

Not only this sheriff launch an investigation into Obama’s birth records that CONCLUSIVELY shows the record to be fake, but Arpaio filed a lawsuit against the Obama administration only two hours after Obama announced his amnesty program.

Ouch! That is just too much John Wayne for the current administration…

Now this patriotic sheriff is under constant attack from the Obama adminstration.

He added, “I think the Supreme Court may hear it, because you have different opinions from different district courts. Makes it ripe for the Supreme Court to look at it.”

Arpaio also stated, “we have 5,000 people in jail on state charges that are here illegally, we turn them over to ICE, now last month, 40% keep coming back to the jails.” And “I think they’re letting these people out the back door, because if they’re not, we sure have a bad border down there. I think we agree with that. But, when they’ve keep coming back 20, 25 times, in my jail, there’s something wrong somewhere. So, something has to be done about it very, very–.”




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