Senator’s Bizarre Apology: Only God Can Judge Me for Calling for Trump’s Assassination

State Senator Maria Chapelle-Nadal, finally apologized for saying she wished someone would assassinate President Trump. But, being the triggered liberal nut that she is, she refused to actually take responsibility for her actions.

Yes, she starts out by claiming she learned. But, how much have you learned if you end your statements by claiming only God can judge whether or not it is morally acceptable to call for the murder of your President?

See it for yourself here

What do you think? Is it going to far to claim Maria Chapelle-Nadal is still not sorry, and would welcome the murder of her President with glee?

These are things that can be debated. Although the obvious right answers to these questions are yes, she should be forced out of office, and no she is not sorry. The real thing we need to be focusing on is how do these smaller incidents or statements (such as the remarks made by Chapelle-Nadal) speak to where our nation is currently situated in the fight to preserve democracy.

And the unsettling reality is a country where it is okay to call for the murder of the President (and other democratically elected government leaders) if you don't like their policies. But, a hate crime to properly vet incoming refugees from radical Islamic countries. Coincidence? We think not. You'd have to be a liberal to believe 1+1 = Allah, not 2, as in it's not 2 late to save our country and fight back against the destruction of freedom.

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