Senator Sessions: It’s ‘Breathtaking’ How “Congress can Issue a Subpoena for Records and They Then Destroy Those Records”

Documents at the highest levels of classification are put on an unsecured email server in a government official’s basement at home and nothing is done?  The head of the FBI finds nothing there worthy of prosecution?  Are you kidding?  Tragically, no.

And it gets worse, as we’ve previously covered the story of the FBI destroying evidence for Hillary’s aides.  It’s obvious that there’s an entire cabal in place working to subvert justice.

Now we have Senator Jeff Sessions, a former U.S. attorney, discussing his loss of faith in the FBI.

The Alabama Republican adds that he thinks the Senate should investigate how the FBI granted immunity to Clinton Foundation director Cheryl Mills and destroyed evidence under congressional subpoena.

There’s the Clinton Foundation right in the middle of the scandal. As we’ve noted many times before, it seems impossible to find anything that the Clintons have touched that hasn’t been corrupted.

“I love the FBI,” he said.

But, now after witnessing the extraordinary handling of evidence, witnesses involved in the scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton’s private email scheme and her handling of classified electronic correspondence, he is forced to reassess, he said.

Clinton is the Democratic nominee for president and Comey announced July 5 that he was recommending to the Department of Justice that she not be prosecuted in regard to the scandal.

“This is scary to me,” Sessions tells Carr. “I tried not to be critical of Comey at first.”

It’s not just the Clintons who appear to receive preferential treatment when it comes to legal matters.  Their staff members appear to be shielded as well.

Central to the FBI’s mismanagement of the scandal investigation is their preferential treatment of Mills, he said. Mills was Clinton’s chief of  staff at the State Department, an attorney in the administration of her husband President William J. Clinton and is now a member of the Clinton Foundation’s board of directors.

The Clintons have spent their careers acting and being treated as though they are above the law. It’s worked very well for them so far.  Their centrality to the corruption of the justice system is “breathtaking” as Senator Sessions uses the word.

What will last longer, the reign of the Clintons in the highest offices in the land, or the rule of law?  They seem to be mutually exclusive.  Let’s hope it’s the latter.

Source:  Breitbart



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