Senator Booker : ‘A Paul Revere Moment’ is Underway — ‘The Russians are Coming’

You could call Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) the political world's version of the ambulance chaser, eyes darting to and fro, constantly on the lookout for the next Republican scandal.  Last night, he appeared on the Clinton News Network (CNN) to discuss the subtle ways in which the Russians influenced our elections with technical electronic devices we couldn't possibly pronounce or comprehend, and how GRU agents emailed him with specifics of just how they hacked into the entire 100K+ polling places (and how they even had ex-KGB agents who specialize in the augmentation of hanging chads).

So, not really.  Instead what Booker did was announce the obvious assumption made by the Leftist media, which is the Russians hacked the elections.  Never mind that they have no evidence of such.  The fact remains that they will push that narrative until Bill Clinton stops groping women and Hillary stops trying to have Julian Assange “droned.”

Here's the brilliant set up by the CNN anchor:

ANCHOR:  The White House said today the president lost confidence in Comey several months ago, but obviously the tape of what the president had to say does not show that to be the case.  Why do you think he was fired now?

BOOKER:  Well, I think we're hearing conflicting reasons.  They haven't gotten their story straight yet.  On the one hand, it's a reaction to Rosenstein's letter, and on the other hand, something they've been considering for months now.  So, I don't wanna' let that distract from the urgency…in fact, the crisis of this moment where we have Russia who has attacked our country in a cyber way, trying to undermine our elections, and there's a whole urgency to get to the bottom of what happened, were their people colluding?  We have an FBI director who has stated that there is an open investigation going on, really investigating associates of the president.  And so, we really have a crisis right now and the urgency is to get to the bottom of that.

Well, thank you Senator Booker for that deep insight.  To reiterate:  The Russians Are Coming!

As ridiculous as you think that sounds right now, it's now half as ridiculous as the rest of his diatribe.  For a moment, Senator Booker, I thought we were dealing with an actual hacking of the actual elections and an actual legitimate investigation of the president.

Thanks for clearing that up, sir.



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