Senate Investigators Looking Into New Holes In Loretta Lynch’s Testimony Regarding Hillary Email Probe

The Senate committee investigators have learned about the existence of a document indicating that Lynch may have assured the Clinton campaign political director she wouldn’t let the FBI “go too far” in investigating Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified documents on an unsecured email server.

At last year’s House Judiciary Committee hearing, Republican David Trott of Michigan slammed Lynch for failing to recuse herself from the Clinton probe after her controversial airport meeting with Bill Clinton.

Then, referring to rumors of her possibly staying on in a hypothetical Hillary administration, he asked if Lynch had met with anyone on Hillary’s staff during the yearlong investigation, to which she replied: “I have not spoken to anyone on either the campaign or transition or any staff members affiliated with them.”

Unhappily for the hapless former AG, the committee has since learned the FBI has obtained a document in which a Democrat operative claims that Lynch told Clinton political director Amanda Renteria in private that the Justice Department “would not push too deeply” into the Clinton email probe. Renteria has been asked to testify before the Senate committee.

Another potential hole in the Lynch story is a report that she told then-FBI Director James Comey to leave her office when he confronted her with the purported document showing her contact with the Clinton campaign.

The committee also wants to know if Lynch or any of her aides were in contact with former DNC chief Debbie Wasserman Schultz regarding the Clinton email investigation, according to a three-page list of questions that Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley and ranking Democrat Dianne Feinstein recently sent to Lynch at her New York apartment.”

Also on the docket for investigation is Lynch’s bizarre explanation of the meeting with Bill Clinton. Surely, the 30-minute encounter went well beyond discussing “golf and grandchildren” as Lynch lamely claimed. Bill Clinton must have dominated the conversation since Lynch has no grandchildren.

Although Lynch’s lawyer claims she will “fully cooperate” with the committee, it will be difficult for her to claim Fifth Amendment protection. More likely, she’ll just attempt to stonewall. Of course, the race card is always available if she gets desperate.

During last year’s House hearing, dozens of times she used the “I don’t recall” response to probing questions.

 . . . the committee determined that she either “refused to answer or give appropriate response” no fewer than 74 times during the four-hour hearing.”

With the help of the new information, Senator Grassley may have better luck drawing information out of the former AG, whose overall actions have made Senator Feinstein say they made her feel “queasy.”

Source: New York Post

Image: Wikicommons




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