Senate Guts Common Core

Senate Guts Common Core

No Child Left Behind is almost a thing of the past!  On Wednesday, December 9, the U.S. Senate passed, with ease, the Every Student Succeeds Act which will drastically alter how the federal government will undertake K-12 education.  The bill has already passed the House and is waiting for Obama’s signature, who is supportive because of the failure of No Child Left Behind and Common Core.  It has received bipartisan support, even though it transfers education policy to the States.

The Department of Education has lost a great deal of power, while States have been given much more oversight in the area how to use federal funds, intervention in failing schools and teacher evaluations. Another vital change is the prohibition of any federal government action to force states, or incentivize states to adopt Common Core.  On the following page learn more about this positive legislation of the future of our children.

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