Senate Committee to Investigate Hillary Clinton

Senate Committee to Investigate Hillary Clinton

After all these decades, and all these scandals, and all these accusations, it would seem that Hillary Clinton is immune to any meaningful investigations let alone prosecution for her alleged crimes. When it comes to Hillary’s corruption, her now famous question, “What difference does it make?” seems to tell it all. She refers to the scandal over her bizarre personal email server used for State Department business as a “big nothing-burger,” and that is supposed to be the end of it.

And this is a national tragedy. When citizens conclude that once a politician has achieved a certain level of power, that he or she is above the law, this is just the sort of thing that breeds the cynicism that concludes “they’re all a bunch of crooks,” which then leads to an indifference to matters of national interest — other than the ball game, of course. At least they call balls and strikes there, and obnoxious players sometimes get ejected from the game.

In Hillary we have the embodiment of so much that’s wrong with our political system that it’s difficult to know where to start. Her compatriots in the Democrat Party will lie, obfuscate, distract, and sacrifice lesser lights in the party to keep her out of trouble. To make matters worse, she acts as though she deserves such preferential treatment.

Her arrogance and hubris appear to have no bounds, as she is quite certain that she can do as she pleases and the law be damned. To top it all off, her loss in the presidential election had nothing to do with her sterling worth, but was the work of assorted criminals, WikiLeaks, a corrupt FBI director, the Russians, and what is perhaps the best one of all, the failure of the DNC itself. Apparently those top officials at the DNC are a bunch of dolts, and are to rend their garments, cast their faces in the dust, and repent of how they failed the otherwise inevitable next choice for president.

So we would ask forgiveness when we claim to be from Missouri as we hear of the possibility of a Senate committee actually going after Hillary. You have to show us.

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