Senate Bill Forces Veterans To Get Vaccinated

Senate Bill Forces Veterans To Get Vaccinated

The United States Senate just passed a bill that mandates vaccinations of American veterans, and the amount they've required is ridiculous. Over the course of their prescribed immunization schedule, as many as 90 viruses could be injected into our nation's unwilling veterans.

Vaccines have proven themselves dangerous in the past, creating untold and unforeseen health consequences. These have ranged from simple flu-like symptoms after injection, to serious matters such as spontaneous abortion. Vaccines can even be used as bio-terrorism.

Perhaps the most outrageous aspect of this new law is the fact that the men and women who have fought for the freedoms provided by the United States of America are now being stripped of the very rights they risked their lives to protect.

If our veterans aren't exempt from the government takeover of our lives, who is?

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