Seinfeld, Family Feud Star: ‘I Believe in’ Trump

O'Hurly left Family Feud because he felt the show was no longer about family. He was even being told by people that they couldn't watch it because everything on the show became a penis joke. He took this to heart and moved on to better things.

The 62-year-old currently stars in the family-friendly film “Swing Away” where he plays an “overzealous American capitalist” inspired by President Donald Trump.

“I've known Donald for a long time,” O'Hurley said of channeling his inner Trump for his “Swing Away” role.

The actor said he's happy to see a business man in the Oval Office.

“I'm always a fan of giving a businessman a chance to thin the herd in government…[because] we have this slow growth and our government is just getting too big…to be efficient anymore,” he said. “I want the idea of somebody going in there with a pickax and just chipping it apart.”

He went on to say that, though he's willing to talk about politics, he wants people to remember that these are just his opinions and they shouldn't hold anymore weight than anybody else's just because he has some spotlight. According to him, he's just another “bozo on the bus.”




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