Security Guard Arrested for Forcing Transgender Out of Woman’s Bathroom

Obama, the great divider, has created a climate of civil war with his radical agenda to alter America.  His newest form of societal destruction comes in the form of his transgender bathroom decree, leaving the 97% of Americans unrepresented and disenfranchised by Obama and his progressive policy.

In D.C., a security guard for a Giant grocery store has now been charged with simple assault for pulling a transgender out of the women’s restroom.

Ebony Blecher, the transgender who was using the women’s room, was followed into the facility by the guard, yelled at and told to leave.  Ebony’s arm and shoulder were grabbed and she states she was pushed out of the store.

Belcher said the guard told her, “You guys cannot keep coming in here and using our women’s restroom. They did not pass the law yet.”

She said she called police and reported the incident after she left the store. According to a police report, officers arrested the guard at the Giant after the confrontation.

Belcher said she suffers from Parkinson’s disease and almost fell while the officer was shoving her.

The guard appears to have been out of line for the physical confrontation, but if the store’s policy has not been defined as a pro-transgender bathroom position, then the guard certainly should protect the females who shop at the store.

Giant issued a statement, which read: “As this matter involves a third party that provides security services for Giant and there’s an ongoing criminal investigation, all inquiries related to the incident at the H Street Giant should be directed to the local police for a comment at this time.”

In North Carolina, a law has been passed that states that public bathrooms are to be used only by the sex on the birth certificate.  If one is transgender and their birth certificate states male, he must use the men’s room.  But if his birth certificate has been changed to reflect his new body and identity, then he may use the women’s room. This law is now under investigation by the Justice Department and a lawsuit has been filed stating the North Carolina law violates civil rights laws.

As the writer at Truth and Action pointed out, “You can’t simply be a woman because you “feel” like a woman any more than a 5’6″ 130-pound Asian math major can be a 6’10” 255 pound African American USC linebacker simply because he (or she) “feels” like it. There is physical evidence that is pretty darn clear. Here’s a good check to figure out if you are a man. Drop your drawers and look south.

See an appendage? There is a pretty good chance that you are a guy. Need more science? Have your chromosomes checked. If the 23rd pair are two X chromosomes, that means female, go right in to the women”s restroom, you are welcome. If there is an X and a Y chromosome, don’t be a pervert, and don’t make the girls uncomfortable and suspicious. Use the boys restroom or shower and let the ladies have a little privacy. This is not hard, it is not ambiguous, but it is science. When this changes, the LGBTQ lobby can try again, until then, they should quit making this stuff up.”

What is a security guard to do when a transgender enters a bathroom that is obviously the wrong one?  Grabbing the person may not have been the best choice of action, but certainly doing what used to be protocol before Obama’s infectious transgender propositions poisoned the nation would have been in order.

Source: NBC Washington




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