Secret Papers Reveal U.S. Government Effort to Help ISIS Emerge In Syria

Obama Administration Plan Leads to Rise of ISIS

In many respects the U.S. state department and President Obama's administration are responsible for the rise of this group due to it's misguided political meddling – or by deliberate effort – in the Middle East.

Bashar Assad's regime was supported by Russia, China and others in order to maintain control and stability in Syria and the surrounding areas. The U.S. plan was developed to support U.S. allies Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others who wanted to isolate and overthrow Assad, and it gave rise to the deadly Islamic terrorist group, which is an outgrowth of the ultra conservative Wahabbi movement with its roots originally established in Saudi Arabia.

So when the Obama administration says they are anxious to defeat or even control ISIS, it is important to remember that this administration's actions have provided the soil that ISIS needed to grow in the Middle East.

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