Second Gunman Confirmed to Have Entered the EU by Posing as Refugee

Syrian refugees — or at least people claiming to be refugees — have finally claimed their first blood in the name of ISIS, and they're coming to America.

Previously reported news from across the Atlantic has revealed that one of people responsible for last week's major terrorist attack posed as a Syrian refugee in order to enter France. Now it's being reported that a second gunman has done the same. Both men entered Greece as supposed refugees, then traveled to France through the European Union and carried out the worst terrorist attack on a western country in a decade.

After the Paris terrorist attacks, ISIS released the statement “the American blood is best, and we will taste it soon.”

Regardless, the Obama administration is now welcoming our first shipment of Muslim strangers into the country with open arms.

As we have finally confirmed that members of ISIS are taking advantage of western nations' unwillingness to close their borders, it may be just a matter of time before more attacks spill blood in the name of ISIS.

To see Breitbart's full report on the ISIS members' journey into the EU, continue reading on page 2:

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